Are you completely SICK of pencilling and powdering your brows in EVERY SINGLE morning?!   I hear ya, lovely!!

Cosmetic tattooing or microblading (also known as (semi) permanent makeup/cosmetics) can mean that you can wake up with eyebrows everyday without the worry of them smudging through the day

So many of my clients come to me with the same issues and now their brow problems are a thing of the past!   

And the thing I hear most often, 'I wish I'd done it years ago!'

eyebrow tattoo microblading garstang lan
eyebrow tattoo microblading garstang lan
eyebrow tattoo microblading garstang lan
Here's what a few of my clients have said after they had their brows done...

"I absolutely love my eyebrows! Kerri is a perfectionist and spent a long time ensuring that the colour and shape were precise before starting the procedure which definitely shows now they are finished. My brows are so natural looking but have made a huge difference"


"I was so nervous to get my brows done  and had been thinking about it for ages. Finally plucked up the courage and was put at ease by Kerri, she goes above and beyond to make sure the right colour is used to match skin tones and the right shape to match your face.

Very professional. I love my brows thank you Kerri"


"I’m so pleased and impressed with my new brows! I have been wanting some work on my eyebrows for years but never had the courage. Kerri is excellent at what she does guided me and explained what would be best for me as I had no idea really. I didn’t have much brow and now I have a beautiful set! Thank you Kerri I love them x"


"Can’t thank Kerri enough for the wonderful transformation she has done to my eyebrows. I have been very sceptical about semi permanent eyebrows. But she reassured me and made me feel part of the whole process. Very professional with a friendly approach. Would definitely recommend Kerri​"



Complimentary consultation

Making the decision to have a procedure is an important one and it has to be the right one

Because of this, I offer all clients a complimentary, no obligation consultation.  This appointment will give you the chance to meet me to discuss your requirements and expectations, in addition to ensuring that the treatment is suitable for you, prior to your treatment


All brow styles are priced the same no matter what technique or style you choose

The reason for this is that it's important to me that you get brows that you love and that are designed just for you.  I always use the very best of any tools, needles and techniques that are needed to produce the results you want, without a difference to the price

There are many options for you to choose from, nano brows/nanoblading, hairstroke, ombre, powder, combination, etc. 

We will discuss the results you want at your consultation and I will create for you a treatment plan to achieve them


Inclusive of all pre treatment information, initial session, follow up appointment 5 - 12 weeks later and retouch procedure, if required, aftercare pack and full aftercare support for the life of your cosmetic tattoo                                                                       £295


Inclusive of all pre treatment information, ONE procedure appointment, aftercare pack and full aftercare support for the life of your cosmetic tattoo

3rd treatment (within 12 weeks of free retouch)                                      £75             

3-6 months from last treatment                                                                          £95

6-12 months from last treatment                                                                    £125            

12-18 months from last treatment                                                                 £155

18-24 months from last treatment                                                                 £195            

After 24 months from your last treatment a new treatment price may apply dependent on how faded the pigment is, please contact me to discuss your individual needs


​Retouch/colour refresh prices apply only to clients who have had their new treatment done by me


I am happy to work with clients who have previously had treatments elsewhere with the following conditions:

 - Prices/outcomes may vary - this will be discussed in depth and agreed at consultation stage

 - You MUST attend an in person consultation (free) 

 - A NEW BROWS treatment consisting of two appointments will always be necessary, plus any additional sessions required which will be chargeable. 

 - This type of work is taken on at my sole discretion, only if I feel that your expectations and my high standards can be met


Here's just a tiny selection of photos, there's lots more on my Facebook and Instagram pages but if there's a specific style of brow you'd like to see please just let me know and I'll send you some more pictures