What is included in my initial treatment price?

New treatment price includes all pre treatment information, initial session, free review & retouch if required 6 weeks later,  aftercare pack and full aftercare support for the life of your cosmetic tattoo

Full pricing information can be found here

What is cosmetic tattooing/Permanent Cosmetics?

There are loads of different names for Permanent Cosmetics with more emerging all the time so it can definitely feel confusing and hard to understand what exactly you want or need

You've probably heard some of the following terms used:

Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup (PMU), Semi permanent Cosmetics, Semi permanent Makeup (SPMU), Cosmetic Tattooing, Digital Microblading, Eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, lip tattoo, Micropigmentation, Feathering, Microblading, Eyebrow embroidery, Nanoblading, Nano brows

All of these mean the same thing, whether the artist uses a machine or hand tool, to implant molecules of coloured pigment into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin that cannot be washed off, which is in essence, a tattoo

So is it semi permanent or permanent?

I get asked this question all the time and think it's important that you know that ALL these types of procedures are considered Permanent and should be called as such.

When you have a procedure done, pigment is carefully implanted into the upper layers of the skin (not a deep as a regular tattoo)

Over time the pigment in the skin begins to fade because 1, that is how the pigment is designed and 2, because of where it is implanted, so fading is a normal and essential part of any Permanent Cosmetics procedure

So the pigment fades and after about 12 or 18 months (sometimes a bit more, sometimes less depending on what kind of skin you have and how you look after it) it's faded to the point where to keep it looking really good you come for a refresh. 

If you didn't get a colour refresh your permanent makeup would just fade more and more over a period of a few years

Now this next bit is the part that makes ANY of the above procedures 'PERMANENT'

Even once the pigment is really faded and you can no longer see it, there is no guarantee that every molecule of implanted pigment has left, or will ever leave, the skin. 

This is what makes the process 'permanent' and legally this is how it must be described

How long do they last?

Everyone is different but usually colour refreshes are recommended every 12 - 18 months to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh

How long does it take?

I allow 3 hours for your first session of a new treatment to allow plenty of time for designing and numbing your brows before we start tattooing although it can be less than this.

Follow up sessions are usually under 2 hours.  

I would always advise you not to make plans for straight after your appointment just so that you can take the time to relax during your procedure and we are not in a rush should they take a little longer. 


Your brows being the best they possibly can be matters more to me than getting them done quickly, they're going to be on your face for a while!

What if I've had Botox or filler?

It's best to wait until just before your next session is due to get the best results from your cosmetic tattoo.  Please contact me if you're unsure when will be best for you to have your permanent cosmetics

How quickly will it heal?

Generally, on the surface your cosmetic tattoo will heal in 3-7 days with the underneath layers healing in 10-14 days

Your overall health affects also healing times so please bear this in mind

Do you need to shave my brows off?

Absolutely not!  I always try to stay as close to your natural brow hair and shape as possible while designing the most flattering and beautiful shape for your face.  Sometimes a small amount of hair may need to be removed to create the correct shape but this will be discussed with you first and will not be done without your consent

How do I look after them while they are healing?

Aftercare is a few simple dos and don'ts, I will give you personalised aftercare advice and a sheet to take away in your aftercare pack as a reminder.  Everything you need to look after your brows during healing is in your aftercare pack

I also check in with you frequently as your brows are healing so that you know what to expect

You are always more than welcome to contact me at any point during the healing process

Does it hurt?

Everyone's experience is different but most of my clients are very comfortable throughout the procedure, some even fall asleep as they find it so relaxing

Is it expensive?

Given the low maintenance nature it is a relatively low cost investment especially when compared to treatments such as nails and lashes which are approximately 50-100% more expensive per year than permanent cosmetics

Click here to see full pricing information 

It is important to remember to check qualifications, experience, licences, insurance and portfolio before selecting an artist based on price


Who can benefit from having a cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoos are great for lots of clients for different reasons so the short answer is almost everyone!

Anyone who wants brows which are even and beautifully designed for their face, to not have makeup smudging worries, people with eyesight issues or allergies to normal cosmetics, watering eyes and so many more problems can be solved with permanent makeup 


How will my cosmetic tattoo look in the future?

During your appointment, I analyse your skin's undertone to anticipate how pigment colours will fade in the future. I blend pigments to ensure the colour works well with your existing brow and hair colour.

The majority of my clients' tattoos stay true to colour and lighten naturally over time; however, in some cases colours may fade to different tones according to the individual’s response to the pigments.

Many factors affect these changes, such as lifestyle and iron deficiencies. At your follow up appointment, I will reanalyse how your body has responded to the initial colour. Special formula alteration to correct the colour and to prevent further change is made at this time. Your eyebrow tattoo will eventually look softer and have more of a "powdered" look. This happens with all clients as the skin ages. To keep your hair strokes looking good, a refresher appointment is suggested every 12 - 18 months.

Results vary with each client.

Can you treat all skin colours?

Yes.  I understand different types of skin and have pigments to suit everybody which are custom selected and blended to harmonise with your natural skin and hair colour

Can I apply makeup afterwards?

I always encourage clients to wait at least 48 hours post treatment before applying any makeup near the treated area as you need to keep your new permanent makeup clean and dry for around 7 days 

You must also avoid putting makeup onto the treated area for at least a week or until the surface of the skin in no longer broken, as healing and your end results will be compromised by doing this

Can you go over another artists's work?

I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss your options if you've had your permanent makeup done elsewhere previously.

This initial consultation is mandatory so that I can make sure that I can meet your expectations regarding the results of your treatment.  If we decide to proceed the treatment will always be treated as a new treatment requiring an initial session and a follow up appointment with any additional sessions required to this being chargeable.  Price will be discussed and agreed at your consultation

Is it safe?

I use state of the art low frequency cosmetic tattoo machines, all needles/consumables are sealed, sterile and disposable and you can be assured that I always adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and Health & Safety legislation.


The pigments used are hypoallergenic and selected for their proven safety and purity. A sensitivity patch test must be carried out a minimum of 48 hours before your treatment to reduce the chance of allergic reaction


I am fully qualified, insured and licensed to operate in the UK and have been inspected by Wyre Borough Council.  I have attended Infection Control trainings and take your health and safety very seriously 

Whilst I go to great lengths to ensure that all risks are minimised, it must be remembered that ultimately we will be implanting pigment into the skin so these procedures are considered invasive and with this comes the associated risk.

By strictly adhering to your pre and post treatment advice these risks are further reduced.

Generally speaking, permanent makeup is considered very safe and low risk provided the necessary precautions are taken


How long will the treatment last?

As everyone is different, this does vary as it depends on how well your skin retains the pigment.


There are numerous factors which can affect how well your permanent makeup lasts. 

These include sun exposure, so the use of sunscreen in the treated area EVERY DAY is advised, and skin care products as two of the main causes of premature fading so ensuring products containing anti aging ingredients are not coming into contact with your treated area. 


Generally,  your permanent makeup will last between 1 – 5 years. It's recommend that you arrange for your colour refresh for around the 18 month point in order to keep the colour looking fresh otherwise the colour will gradually fade.

I will add more FAQs here as I get them so please feel free to message me with your other questions xxxx