For at least 1 in 8 of us (though, honestly, that figure is probably understated quite a bit, I mean, who wants to make that trip to the doctor in the first place?)  getting pregnant isn't something that 'just happens' for us

While tests and medicines are really useful and very necessary at times, it's so important to look at your inner self when pregnancy isn't happening.  Your mindset, beliefs and the energy you put out and attract has a huge impact on your fertility journey


I also like to work with clients who have an interest in the more spiritual side of getting pregnant and a bringing a life to Earth as well as those who want to see this journey as an opportunity to create a transformation in their lives. Harnessing the power of the Universe and getting your body on your side is essential for creating the energetic atmosphere to attract in your baby

I love to coach women on their fertility journey, and just as it shouldn't be the focus of your whole life, there’s a lot more to what I do than fertility -  it’s only a chapter of your story, and you’ll soon be moving into the next, pregnancy, motherhood and so much more


Fertility Fire is a complete energy transformation program that addresses, clears, and transforms the energy behind getting pregnant.

The soul, the spirit, the magic, the fire.

I show women how they can change their energy and get both the Universe and their body on their side whilst on their fertility journey to bring in their baby.  And an awesome side effect of this is increased confidence and happiness in all areas of their lives which sparks lasting change.

It took five years for us to become pregnant with our little boy.  We did EVERYTHING "right" with no medical issues, including diets, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, therapy, every trick in the book, every test back perfect and it still didn't work for us, even having ICSI IVF didn't work for us
UNTIL I did the deep work, transformed my energy and mindset around pregnancy and having a baby, cleared the blocks and old beliefs I had, believed in myself, intentionally put out the energy I wanted to attract and learned to trust and work with my body and the Universe. 

Tests, meds, and diets are one thing and are definitely important but the energy within and that you're putting out has such a massive effect on what's going on and its impact just isn't talked about enough.

So using what I knew had worked for myself and some of my clients, I set out to do for others what I'd done for myself.  I took my work as a holistic therapist which included reiki, meditation teaching, Law Of Attraction, and life coaching, and built on it to include NLP, hypnosis, and diving deep into trusting my own intuition and I began to specialise in energy transformation for women on their fertility journey.

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, working through this hidden factor is incredibly powerful and beneficial.  It sets the energy for you to meet your baby and creates ease and flow through the whole process

I believe that every woman should have the chance to access this type of coaching that they need through their fertility journey which is why I designed this exclusive program to make it available at a fraction of the cost

This program will be launching very soon, to be the first to know please register your interest via email and I will contact you as soon as it is ready to go live: info@kerriwilliams.co.uk

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