D’ya find that when you’re stressed your skin’s more likely to break out? (Making you even more stressed because it feels awful!!) Yep, that’s me too!

Excess stress can affect all our body’s systems negatively if we don’t know how to manage it, and our skin is no different, when stress levels increase and cortisol production from the adrenal glands steps up a gear, it in turn increases sebaceous gland activity, to produce more oil and sebum which can result in acne and increased skin sensitivity

Cortisol can also cause inflammatory conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis to flare up too, in addition to weakening the skin’s immune system, leading to wrinkles, lines and dull skin, waaa!

So it kinda explains why we can wake up on a really important day with spots, patchy skin or a flare up that we really didn’t need

But what’s a girl to do?!

The best approach for improving the situation for your skin (and the rest of you!) is to come at it from all angles, but, trying to make massive changes when you’re already feeling the pressure is only going to make things worse! So how to deal with it?

As always, the best thing to do it just start adding some small positive changes and let these create the momentum you need to keep going, start with the smallest easiest thing you can manage

- Drink a few extra glasses of water

- Make sure you’re getting some exercise, a short walk counts, just get moving

- Protect your skin from the elements, when it’s really cold out make sure you’re applying a more protective moisturiser. It's definitely worth investigation in a richer cream for the winter months so you can get the benefits of being outdoors without causing your skin any further drama!

- Eat more fresh veg and fruit

- Remember to take your vitamins and supplements

- Mediate, even just for 5 minutes will make a difference

- Remove your makeup properly every evening, as early as you can. Try not to leave it until just before bed so your skin’s getting as much makeup free time as possible. I usually remove my makeup as soon as I know I’m not going out/videoing that day again

- Follow a simple skin care routine, if you make it too complicated you won’t do it!

- Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes, once a week, to detoxify and destress. Add some essential oils tailored to your needs for an extra boost

- Give yourself a facial massage 2-3 times a week, every day if you feel like it, see this post on my Facebook page for details

- Incorporate some healing crystals into your skincare routine. Different crystals have different properties so find some which work for you, they’re not only good for your skin but they’re good for the rest of you too

Remember you can start small, add in more and more good bits, and be proud of the positive changes you make, you don’t have to change everything overnight and anything you do will have a positive effect, no matter how small!

Not only will your skin thank you and it’s appearance improve, your whole body and mind will benefit too.