There’s lots of ways to incorporate the use of healing crystals into your everyday routine, including harnessing their power into your beauty and skincare regime, here are my top 5 ways to include healing crystals in your beauty routine

Crystal Beauty Water

Crystal beauty water can be used by itself or used to mix into other products in place of water. It also makes a refreshing cooling water mist

A really nice crystal which is commonly used in facial and skin care, either by itself in combination with others, is rose quartz. You can use any stones that are suited to your own needs, just check they’re safe to use in water first

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and encourages unconditional love. It promotes love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

It purifies and activates the heart chakra opening the heart at all levels to fill your body with feelings of hope, faith and peace for the future and carrying the powerful vibration of love through the body

Making Crystal Beauty Water

Cleanse your crystals with warm filtered water.

Make sure that they are physically very clean as you will be using the water on your face and also that they have been cleared energetically using a suitable method such as running water, sound, smoke, earth or another cleansing crystal

Whichever method you choose, hold the intention that energies which may be held in the crystal are released and that it returns to its clear natural state

Place the cleansed crystals in a glass bowl or bottle and cover them with filtered water.

Then leave the bowl in direct sunlight from sunrise until sunset and let it absorb the sun’s energy. Alternatively you can leave the water under the full moon to access the benefits of moon water too

Transfer the water to a spray bottle that you can use to mist your face after cleansing. Visualise yourself as the highest version of you and say your affirmations as you apply the water, affirmations such as, ‘I am enough’ ‘I am love’ ‘I am worthy’ or whatever affirmations you choose

Meditating with Crystals

Placing crystals on your face and body during relaxation or meditation can enhance your experience and supercharge your intentions

To start to incorporate crystals into your beauty ritual you can lie down, relax, and place rose quartz on your face or body. You can put the stones wherever you feel tension to help release built up energy, and smooth lines or puffiness.

Gua Sha with Crystals

Gua Sha is an ancient East Asian practice of scraping the skin with a tool to improve circulation and traditionally can be done with various items, it is sometimes known as coining or spooning because of the objects used.

By using crystal tools you can benefit from both the technique and the crystal energies. There are lots of tutorials online to get you started and seeing the benefits such as reduced lines and puffiness along with the crystal healing energies


The physical action of the rolling your skin has lots of benefits in itself such as toning, sculpting and firming skin, releasing tension boosting circulation, reducing puffiness, reducing fine lines, improving elasticity and lymphatic drainage for more glowing skin

These combined with the energy of the crystals leave your face feeling revitalised and renewed

You can also use crystal rollers in conjunction with your favourite face oils increase absorption

Keep them on your dressing table

Placing crystals around your home raises the vibration and fills the space with positive energy. Placing them intentionally according to their unique properties means you can draw in the type of energy you want in a specific room.

A great crystal for your dressing table is Amethyst. Not only is it gorgeous, purple and sparking, it carries a calming and peaceful energy, perfect for where you carry out your beauty routines to promote chilled out vibes at the start and end of your day

That's just five ways you can include crystals into your beauty routine to benefit from their energetic properties, how do you use crystals in your routine?