You know when you just get that feeling about something, and you can’t explain it or make much sense of it but something just feels a certain way?

Like when there’s no real reason for it but you REALLY don’t want to go to a certain place for dinner, or you just HAVE to call/message someone RIGHT NOW?

That can be your intuition guiding you and most of us have experienced things like this but how do we actually begin to use this information in a way that helps us create the life we desire and know that it’s our intuition pointing us in the right direction?

First of all, what is intuition?

The definition of intuition is “an ability to understand or know something without needing to think about it or use reason to discover it, or a feeling that shows this ability”

Some things which influence what your intuition tells you are things within your subconscious, subtleties that your body notices or your subconscious notices and recognises without your conscious involvement and transfers that information to you via an intuitive feeling or a gut feeling.

It can be the piecing together of many seemingly unrelated snippets of information that your brain connects the dots with and lets you know something that you consciously couldn't have noticed.

It’s your body being conscious and working with you to protect you

The other side of your intuition is the alignment of energies - how many times have you gone to call/text a friend and as you pick up your phone, it starts ringing or when you’ve taken a different route for no real reason and seen someone you were thinking about the day before?

This is because your energy has been in alignment with theirs, you’ve been a vibrational match to them and their energy

We know that everything and everyone of us and every single this is made of atoms which give off a frequency, and you can think of your intuition as the receiver picking up on this frequency and translating it to you as an intuitive hit, reading the energy and accessing things that consciously, we just can’t

Something to know is that every single one of us is very intuitive, it’s not something reserved for a select few, it’s accessible to us all, we are by nature intuitive but, it’s a skill, it’s developing it and knowing how to use it

So how do you develop your intuition?


Your subconscious and higher self can communicate with you so much more easily when you’re asleep, your conscious mind isn’t full of thoughts and chatter and you're super receptive

Dreams are very symbolic so keep a journal by your bed and note down whatever you remember as soon as you wake. Sometimes you won't remember the dream but you’ll wake up with a feeling or a knowing, write these down too, literally before you do anything else as they fade quickly, even if you're sure you'll remember

Things might not make sense straight away but review your dream journal often as you’ll start to see themes, patterns, repetitions and things will start to make more sense over time


It just seems like the answer to most things doesn't it!!

Just like when you’re sleeping your mind is relaxed and allowing rather than in thinking mode

Messages from your intuition are usually subtle quiet little nudges, so spending time in silence will help you hear and interpret these messages, again write things down when you come out of meditation

Ever notice how much profound information comes through in the shower?

The amount of times I have to get out of the shower asap to get things down on paper especially if it's been something I've asked for guidance on, I don’t know if you’re the same?

How does it FEEL?

Think about both your body physically and the emotions/feeling you're experiencing

If you get an uncomfortable physical feeling when you're trying to make a decision, pay attention.

Do you feel light or heavy?

A sick or heavy feeling in your gut?

Maybe a headache or stomach cramps?

It could just be the result of stress responses activated by false fear, but it could also be your intuition letting you know something

Ask yourself, what am I feeling?

Journal on it and just recognise what you’re feeling without judging it and see what you get

Spend time outside

Being out in nature, away from technology and the everyday busy-ness, can unlock your intuition.

When humans lived in caves they relied on it to keep them safe from the elements, predators, and other dangers, respecting what their intuition told them about a situation was literally life and death so being outside can help you tap back into this innate wisdom

Think of times your intuition has been right in the past

What we focus on expands and energy attracts like energy so being able to recall times your intuition has been right in the past will strengthen it.