Seeing as we might be socialising a bit more than we have over the last 3 months it’s only fair we get new makeup right?!

But shopping for brow products can be a pain when there’s literally hundreds of products to choose from so I decided to make it easier and explain the different products you could choose, why you would choose them, and when to avoid them


Good for - if you’ve got a decent amount of brow hair that needs a bit of definition or to fill small areas that look a bit out of place

Don’t use if you’re growing in your brow hair and the possibility of pulling out fine hairs is highest with a pencil

Top tip - Use short GENTLE strokes to build up sparse areas

Go for a soft textured brow pencil and remember that you'll need to be gentle applying it.


Looks like an individual eyeshadow palette but a denser product. You’ll need a small angled brush to apply it

(Spoiler - MY FAVE so possibly a little bit biased here!)

Good for - everything! Ha! As with pencil, if you’ve gaps that need filling you can layer powder in - and doesn't pull on your growing hairs like pencil can if used too vigorously!

Also easier (IMO) for ladies with little brow hair as you can gently build the brow up and it’s a bit more forgiving than pencil

Very versatile as you can apply as much or as little as you like, you can also experiment with applying with both a dry brush for a softer look or a wet/damp brush for a more intense look

Don’t use if you like to be able to see hairstrokes as its a softer look and you won’t get the effect you're after

Tip - buy a decent specific brow powder brush, it will make your life a lot easier


Kinda like a mascara, comes in clear or choice of brow colours

Good for when your brows are freshly done (not long now!! Or check out my YouTube channel for how to do your own brows from start to finish)

Fab choice for when your natural brows just need a little taming and not too much in the way of filling/adjusting shape

I like to layer a gel over a powder/pencil to give a more defined look if you’ve a lot of natural brow hair and keep the hairs in place

Don’t use if you’ve little to no brow hair as there’s not enough for it to cling to, if you want to set your brows, use a good quality setting spray to hold your pencil/powdered brow in place

Tip - Really soak your brows in makeup remover when you’ve got brow gel on to avoid pulling out brow hair


Cream-based formula that is usually packaged in a small pot that dries once it’s applied

You need a small angled brush to apply it

Good for - a defined, bolder look, perfect for a night out! Can be kept softer but easy to go OTT so build up gently. Long lasting and most smudge resistant and fab once you’ve mastered the art of applying it

Don’t use if you’re not overly confident with your shape/brow filling skills as it's not very forgiving and can be harder to rectify mistakes without taking it all off and starting again

Tip - Use to add extra definition once you’ve set the shape with a powder and again really soak your brows in makeup remover when you’ve got pomade on to avoid pulling out hairs

You can use more than one product depending on the look you’re going for eg, you could build up your natural brows with pencil strokes then add a clear gel to set the hairs into place for a natural but groomed look or use a powder for the main of your brow but finish the bottom line and tail with a pomade to sharpen the look

Whatever product you choose remember that you want to apply more at the tail for a denser look and keep the fronts soft - use a cotton bud to blend the very front for a soft natural look

If you’re investing in one product only, I’d go for the powder and a good brush to apply it with due to its versatility in the looks you can create with it and the ease of application

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