Brows before Botox!

Updated: May 13, 2020

If you choose to have facial injectables there are a couple of extra things you need to consider before having your permanent makeup

I know that some doctors/nurses want to administer injections before you have cosmetic tattooing and I understand why, but it really is better to have your brows tattooed FIRST, then have the injections and this is why:

1 With toxin or filler in, the shape of your face/features and position of your skin changes, tattooing the skin in it’s new temporary position isn’t a good idea, as when the products under your skin wear off, the shape can get distorted.

I know some people love having them and wouldn’t ever want to stop having the injections, which is fine, but if you were to become unable to have the injections for any reason (some medical conditions/pregnancy/allergy etc) you wouldn’t have a choice and would be stuck with the tattoo where it had been on the temporary position of the skin until it faded enough to be reworked or face needing some removal work

The shifts on your face may be really small but they make such a difference considering your brows are precision designed within a fraction of a millimetre (or they should be!!)

Your skilled aesthetic doctor/nurse will be able to do their job as if they were your natural hair brows to ensure they retain their symmetry and look natural, and knowing that they were tattooed in the correct position, any distortion through injection will wear off within a few months

I always say that your doctor/nurse can see what I’ve done, but I can’t see what they’ve done as it's underneath the skin!!

2 To tattoo your brows, the surrounding skin needs to be gently stretched over the course of your treatment, this stretching may disturb the carefully placed products under the skin. The minimum amount of time you have to wait after having injections is two weeks to let the toxin take effect but I’m still in favour of waiting until its (almost) completely worn off

If you have aesthetics work done regularly you can still have your brows or lips tattooed, we just plan your appointments just before you’re due for it done again when it’s worn off

While we’re talking about it , you also need to wait two weeks after your brows are healed before having anything else done to your face, injections/facials/lashes etc to allow them to properly heal first

If you've got questions let me know and I'll be able to give you personal advice as to when a good time to have your cosmetic tattoo or microblading done would be

Kerri xxxx

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