How to find out what you should be doing with your life

If you’re stuck wondering what it is you should truly be doing with your life it can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted with no energy for actually creating your dream life - bit rubbish really!

I'm going to share with you a quick way that you can start doing something about it

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed because we aren't living true to our soul's desires, and what you can do about it

One of the reasons that people feel overwhelmed is not always that they are doing too much

Yes, they are doing too much, but it's not the actual time the activity takes or the volume of stuff that they have to do

It's not always that

It can be that they aren't doing enough

Saying you aren't doing enough when you're overwhelmed doesn't feel that good

But -

You aren't doing enough of what LIGHTS YOU THE HELL UP!!

Your dreams are shut down and you're living on autopilot

You're doing too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things,

The things that feed your soul

And it really does take a surprisingly small amount of change to start to feel better from this once you identify that that's what it is

Once you step back and look and say, actually yeah that's me

You can add in really small things that will start working really quickly, they'll also help you build momentum

Once you get clear on what it is that you want, what you actually enjoy, what your true goals are

And not anyone else's goals, or what you think you SHOULD want

Or just something you picked out of the air because it sounded ok

Once you get really honest with yourself and gain clarity on what your soul wants on a core level, and you start to implement small action steps it becomes like a snowball

When you can live in alignment with what it is you actually want, the overwhelm diminishes,

Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time, but the overwhelm you feel from not doing enough of what lights you isn't there and lightens your load so much

You begin to rediscover who you are, peeling off those layers of who you aren't and what's stifling and covering you, and it's so refreshing and freeing to do that

It's a feeling that personally I've had a huge amount of in the past, had I had the tools I have now back then there's no way I would have let it get so bad

Years ago, I used to work as an accountant and while there were things I did enjoy about my job, as a creative person and with my beliefs being far more rooted in magic than logic

It really crushed who I am at my core

But you get to choose in every single moment

You can choose again right now

So if this is landing with you and you're thinking

You know, I actually think that I might not really know what I want

Or I'm feeling stuck and overwhelmed and stagnant but don't know why because I don't know what it is that I want I've got a little exercise for you

There are 2 options

1 You can take a couple of minutes of slow deep breaths to clear your mind and connect with yourself and just ask that what you need to know now comes through for you


2 You can take some time first to meditate on the questions

Then grab your journal and ask this -

If I couldn't fail, and if anything at all were possible for me, what would I be doing more of in my life?

What lights me up?

What does my soul want?

And let yourself write about it, without really thinking, no judgment of yourself and without censoring or without using logic - so if something comes up don't start thinking about why you can't do it or any barriers to it, just focus on the flow and allow whatever is coming through to come through

Because your inner self know your truth, and that knowledge is there for you to access

If you want some more help and information on how to overcome overwhelm fast, whatever the cause, check my free OVERCOME OVERWHELM FAST - 5 minute toolkit because we all need the skills and tools ready and waiting for when we need them so we can manifest all of our desires and step into living our dream lives

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx