How to MANIFEST (it's way more than Law of Attraction!)

The Law of Attraction is just a really small piece of the action when it comes to manifesting - and action, that's quite an appropriate choice of word actually

Because action is really really important, you can’t sit back and wait for things to drop into your lap!

The Law of Attraction is just ONE of many spiritual laws which allow us to manifest whatever we desire

But how do we intentionally manifest things into our lives?

Let's start by clarifying what manifestation is.

You are always manifesting,

A manifestation is something which is in your life that was thought before,

And I'm going to use an example of something that you've probably done

Imagine you’re redecorating your lounge and it’s almost done, it’s beautiful but there’s something missing - a beautiful lamp, there’s the perfect space for it

And you want something specific, not just any lamp - you can picture it in your mind

You've put a lot of thought and effort into the lounge renovation and you know the lamp will just finish it off perfectly

You know how you want it to feel

You’ve been on Pinterest and pinning things and making it perfect

The feelings you'll feel when you look at it, the vibe of the room

And you have a quick look online, there’s nothing jumping out at you

So you go, ok I'm not gonna rush it, it’s gotta be the right lamp

And you might tell your friend maybe what kinda thing you're after

But you’re not hung up on it - you know you’ll find the perfect lamp

And one day - randomly, you're shopping for something else and you see it - and it’s absolutely perfect - that!!! That's the one!

Why did you go to the shop that day? And why that shop? Why did you go down that aisle - you've been following nudges and being out and you just happened to come across the perfect lamp? The nudges were the Universe guiding you to the thing you clearly stated that you wanted

You bring it home and it’s in your house

You might say that's not a manifestation but the lamp didn't just appear in your house one day, you had to align the actions you were taking to get the lamp into your house

This is a super simple example but you can use this intentionally and create the things you want in your life

Almost everything in your life comes about like this

We are always manifesting

Whether we know it or not

Whether we like it on not!

And it’s a co-creative process

We co-create with the Universe and with other beautiful human beings so take the example of the lamp

The person who designed it might have asked the Universe for a business idea or opportunity and then was given the inspiration to create the lamp, they then took action that was aligned with the outcome of the item being made and sold

Every person also took action and everyone along the way - the fact that people desired jobs to bring in income meant that the company could be started and have people to run it etc and everyone involved with the whole process, it becomes a co-creative web of desires fulfilled

So you can choose the thoughts that you think and therefore the beliefs you hold and you can inte