How to pick your brow makeup shade 😍

You should choose a slightly cooler toned shade for your eyebrow makeup than you first think because the oxidizing effects of your skin’s natural oils can warm the colour through the day, so you can avoid an orangey hue by starting out with a slightly cooler tone


To give depth and dimension, don’t match your brow hair colour exactly.

If your hair is light, you should make your brows one shade DARKER

If your hair is dark, go one shade LIGHTER

If your hair is red, use a light to medium neutral brown, you can pull off a warmer shade brow than other hair colours

If your hair is black, try using a very dark grey or brown instead of jet black to keep them softer


If you plan to add hairstrokes with a pencil, always go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour because you want that look to be softer and the drawn hairs to blend in, the lighter strokes will add dimension whereas too dark strokes can look unnatural

We’re aiming for your brows to not look like one block shade to avoid them looking drawn on

You can achieve this by how much product you apply, carefully blending the lighter areas (front) and layering where you want them darker (tails) You don't necessarily need more than one colour but if you’d like to play around and experiment with them I’d pick the two different mediums you think sound like the best for for you and get them in the suggested shade for the product/your colouring

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