OK so this is something I posted about a while ago and I got a few questions about it and seeing as in my last post I mentioned unfollowing on social media again I thought it deserved a bit more attention

The main question I had last time I posted about this was about unfollowing people that they know and feeling a bit bad about it

Which I TOTALLY understand!

Unfollowing someone doesn't mean you don't love them, or wish them the happiest life

It doesn't mean you don't want the best for their business or wish them success and happiness

All it means is that their energy doesn’t align with where your focus is right now

If your focus is on having a baby and creating a peaceful and loving family environment and you find that they complain all over social media about everything going on in their lives, they go

If you’re focusing on eating fresh healthy nutritious food and all they post is cakes and fast food, they go

If you’re reducing your intake of news and scaremongering stories and they share lots of things like that, they go

They post about reality TV and drama from work when you’re working on cultivating love, they go

Something I don't feel bad about - I don't follow many of the food accounts of people that I know, local businesses etc (their food looks amazing and I wish the absolute best for them and their success)

But I don't follow them because I don’t eat gluten or dairy so unless they post a lot of food that I do eat, all following them does for me is bring my vibe down because I feel a bit envious of the gorgeous food they share that I don’t eat.

I wish them so much success and love, but I don’t follow them.

This creates space in both of our energetic fields for things we each do want, for them, customers who love to eat the food they sell, and for me, gorgeous food that I can eat!

And this is better for both them and myself because we are all connected, our energies interact. If I feel negative feelings when I look at a post, its going out to them and vise versa

When you pick up the phone to call a friend and it goes off with a message from them?

It’s the same thing, it's the way our energy is connected

So if everytime you see someone's post and think ‘god you're so miserable’

That energy is being reflected back to the person generating more of that and attracting for them (and you) more miserable energy so the best, kindest, most loving thing you can do for them is to remove your focus from them

If you’re struggling to separate how each page/account makes you feel (which is really common because social media is such a huge barrage of energy all at once) step away from it for a little while and make sure you’re feeling really nice and centred

Then go straight to that page and take a look at it, just for a few seconds, then close your eyes and feel how it feels in your body.

If it immediately feels heavy or off, you get a tightening in your stomach or anywhere else in your body just notice how you feel and ask yourself the question,

‘Does this feeling serve me?

Do I feel better than I did, or worse?’

And you’ll have your answer (for me if they aren’t a ‘HELL YES’ then they’re a no - maybe a bit harsh but my vibe is too important to me)

(And the more you do it, the easier it gets because it feels so damn good!!)

You don't even have to unfriend them if that feels bad to you, just gently unfollow or mute them, bless and release them and send them love and know that you’ve created energetic space in both of your lives for the Universe to fill with things that you are in alignment with

Let me know if you’re going to do this

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx