Journal prompts and rituals for the FULL MOON

It’s coming up to Full Moon again baby!!

The time when the Moon’s fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays and is vibrant, radiant and glowing!

Technically the moon is full only momentarily when the moon and sun are directly opposite each other but the energies are at their strongest 48 hours around the peak.

With the power to move oceans, the moon also affects us as humans, we are 70% water after all

Do you feel the effects of a full moon? I know I do, which is why I’ve learned to lean into them and work with the feelings rather than push against

The energy of the full moon is strong and can feel intense so creating rituals to fully embrace this means that you can harness the extra energy to live in a way that supports your desires

In the past humans lived by the cycles of the moon for almost all aspects of their lives, and working with the Moon’s cycles is especially powerful for women as we are cyclical ourselves and taking into account the phases we are in and honoring the effects of each phase can bring harmony and peace instead of working against our bodies natural states and desires

The Full Moon is a great time to release anything that’s no longer serving you and you can do this in so many ways


First, identify what it is that you wish to release with the energy of the full moon

It could be physical things - possessions you no longer use etc, emotional - things you’ve been carrying with you that you’re ready to let go, mental, spiritual, old patterns and beliefs, anything which feels heavy and that you’re ready to step forward without

My favourite way to dig out what it is that needs to go is to journal

Here are some prompts you can use specific to the full moon release that you can use in your ritual:


  • What does letting go or releasing mean to you?

  • How does letting go/releasing feel?

  • What have you been holding onto? (Physical/emotional/mental/spiritual)

  • How do these feel in your body when you focus on them?

  • What has been holding you back that you’d like to release?

  • I am ready to release these because…

  • After they have been released I will feel…

  • I am grateful to myself for….

Once you have journaled and identified what it is that you wish to let go of this full moon, focus on it and feel into gratitude for all that it has done for you and the fact that you are now ready to let it move on:

“Thank you for all you have done for me and all that you have taught me, you are now released from my life with love”

I love to think in terms of elements when preparing any ritual: Fire, Water, Earth, Air


Write out what you are releasing on a piece of paper then burn it (take proper safety precautions re: fire) while visualising your body becoming lighter and freer and the energy transmuting


Then take the ash and place it back onto the Earth and ask to become grounded, doing this barefoot on the Earth is best. Feel yourself rooted to the Earth and give thanks for what you have released being taken from you


If you feel that you could cry, let it out, let the tears flow and know that these are old emotions and energy shifting from your body. Crying is incredibly healing to your body and spirit

Wash your hands and have a bath/shower visualise the water as a stream of golden energy flowing all over and through you, cleansing you of anything which no longer serves you and filling you with divine energy


Fill your lungs with a few deep cleansing breaths, meditate and/or do some breathwork