NEW MOON Manifesting

Honored with rituals for thousands of years, in the past humans lived by the cycles of the moon for almost all aspects of their lives.

The New Moon is an opportunity to set your intentions for the coming cycle, it’s the perfect time to reset and focus on new beginnings.

Working with the Moon’s cycles is especially powerful for women as we are cyclical ourselves and taking into account the phases we are in and honoring the effects of each phase can bring harmony and peace instead of working against our bodies natural states and desires

The world we live in doesn’t usually consider women’s cycles so it’s really important that we do this for ourselves (if you want a step by step planner to help you do this, check out my Cycle Syncing Planner on Etsy), working against our natural rhythm often leaves us feeling disconnected from our bodies, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

The New Moon represents the bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle and corresponds with the season of winter when the sky is dark. It’s also a time of heightened intuitive power and spiritual connection - a time to tune in to the messages you’re meant to receive and receive the flow of what is coming to you

The New Moon energy is in full power for around 48 hours so you have flexibility in when you can do your rituals and they don’t necessarily have to be long, it’s the intention that is important

These are just a few suggestions you could use to include in your own New Moon ritual, allow yourself to choose to include only things which feel good to you and in alignment, and not feel as though you ‘should’ be doing anything. It may be that your New Moon ritual is a few minutes in quiet contemplation of your desires for the upcoming cycle. If you want to include more you could incorporate some or all of the following:

Create a space just for you for this time

Ensure it’s somewhere peaceful that you can relax and enjoy this time undisturbed.

Clear the energy of your area and set your intention to connect with your highest self

Ground yourself

Ground yourself in whatever way you prefer, you could use this breathing practice to create heart coherence:

Place one hand over your heart centre and the other over your lower abdomen

Breathe deep into your belly and feel the breath through your heart with each cycle of breath, with long smooth breaths, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes until you feel grounded and clear

Place both hands over your heart centre and feel gratitude flood through every cell of your body

Write your desires (by hand with pen and paper, it’s the first step in thoughts becoming physical)

This is how I write my manifestations list

‘I am so happy and grateful now that ……’ and write my desire(s) ‘.... or something better, for the highest good of all involved’

I write in a story/very descriptive but concise manner

Write in the present tense, as though it is already here, and write only in positive language, (ie, only what you want, not what you don’t want)

Keep your desires list simple, up to 3 or 4 things only

I prefer to see and embody my manifestations as a whole so if it’s a few things, I feel myself living my life with them all integrated as part of my existence. I find that this helps me focus and really brings the feeling and emotion to the vision for me which is so important in order for it/them to manifest

The feeling is hugely important, each of your desires must be your own and truly what you desire in your heart so that you can feel into and embody the emotions of having whatever it is in your life


Once you feel that your written list is complete, spend a few minutes in meditation visualising and embodying your desires, allow yourself to focus solely on the outcome and set the intention to surrender the ‘how’ to the Universe. Give thanks to the Universe and really sit in that place of gratitude. Get excited for your manifestations, you KNOW that they’re on their way to you!

Other things to include

You might want to incorporate tools or special items into your ritual and as you do it more frequently, these might include things like candles, crystals, essential oils. Sage/palo santo for clearing, bells or singing bowl, a diffuser, oracle/tarot cards, journal and pen and anything that feels good to you. You might also want to add in relaxing with a new moon ritual bath. As the moon rules water, and water is a symbolic way of away old energy and bring in new fresh energy for the new cycle this is a powerful and beautiful way to honor the New Moon

You could use Epsom or Himalayan salts, essential oils, petals and (water safe) crystals, relaxing music, and/or light candles

Surrender and inspired action

It’s now been turned over to the Universe and your job is to surrender and feel good in the manifestation of your desires as they make their way to you. Release resistance and embody your visualisation of the future version of you with love and excitement.

Be aware of signs and note when your intuition is guiding you - take the action steps you are drawn towards, this is critical in manifesting your desires. Due to us having resistance as human beings, our manifestations aren’t usually received instantly, trust the process, live in gratitude for what you have asked for, and know that it’s way to you.

Let me know below what you LOVE to do to honor the New Moon!

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx

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