The 'HOW' is not your job - try this easy way to surrender to the Universe

You know that surrendering and trusting the Universe is key to manifesting your desires but HOW do you not worry about the HOW??

I’m going tell you a fun way to surrender when manifesting BUT - in a way that actually makes sense because, I don't know about you, but it seems kinda awkward that you gotta focus on what you desire, but not think about it so I'm gonna share with you an easy way to get that straight in your mind

(I'm also gonna share with you my absolute go-to ritual for when nothing else is working -

When I shared this with my friend, she did it and the very next day completed on her dream home that had pretty much been told she wouldn't be getting - so this WORKS!)

When you're going on holiday what do you do?

Do you sit and try and decide what gate they're gonna put the plane in for you to board?

Or worry if there's another plane in the gate and you get the wrong one?

Or worry that the gate number on the board's wrong?

Or do you think about how much fuel's going into the plane?

Where do they keep the fuel actually?

How do they get it from the tank to the plane?


Do you picture yourself overlooking the sea, feeling the sand under your feet and smelling the gorgeous warm air while your heart glows with peace, contentment and gratitude as your skin soaks up those warm energy-giving rays?

Sipping your favourite drink laughing with your loved ones, reading that book you've been looking forward to

I'm gonna guess B

And you trust - you don't even think about it all the other stuff because you KNOW its taken care of - that the person who does the board numbers will do it right, the fuel will be filled up properly, the pilot knows what their doing, you KNOW that all these people have your back.

They've done it so many times before, and they know EXACTLY what they're doing

I have no idea how much fuel to put in the plane, or how they decide which gate it goes to, or the million other moving parts it takes to align to get me on that beach

You trust that once you've booked, everyone involved will do their thing to get you to that perfect vision in your mind.

And they do.

I have 100% record of never being asked to help fuel the plane or organise luggage

(I did want to be a baggage handler at one point but that's another story, and one that not many people know 🤣 - I might do a post on my Instagram about it so make sure you're following for that! @kerriwilliamsuk)

But we need to see our manifestations this way too - there are so many moving parts we can't possibly know what bit goes where, all the time, for every single part, from the outset

Back to going away

You picture yourself doing holiday things, search for a holiday, decide exactly what you'd like, where you want to go, what kind of hotel and you book it

This is like setting your intention, or the ASK part, you get to be specific, pick out exactly what you'd love

(and of course, we can use manifestation techniques when finding the perfect holiday too, I always do) but for the sake of keeping it simple - this is the part that's like the ASK part)

So it's booked!

You get excited, buy a bikini, you block it out in your diary, plan your work around it

(You know its coming to you with absolute certainty - you KNOW)

Prepare yourself, pack your suitcases, get everything ready to get your holiday

(This is like when you prepare yourself for your desire to come to yo