THIS will create the future you dream of!

You are literally creating your own future and I’m not even talking about manifestation (for a change!) well, I am, but not directly.

I’m talking about the things you do right now that make your future better, small things.

The things that make the micro differences that add up, that set the energy you want to meet yourself with

When you ask: “How do I want to feel later?”

How many people deep clean the house, change the beds and make sure all the washing’s clean and away before they go on holiday?

I do, and I’m sure loads of other people do too and it makes coming home so much nicer. It’s the last thing I feel like doing when I’m packing and getting excited to go, but I know how I’ll feel coming back to it done.

And it’s not just a holiday thing, I get up in the morning and I have my workout gear and weights that I set out the night before, “Ahh it’s so nice that they are ready for me - thank you past self” - I actually say this.

I also use this ‘empathy with future me’ in the evening, and pretty much all the time really.

And I do it for a number of reasons

1 It lightens my mental load - there’s less to think about, less to remember, and less to do, all this contributes to me feeling better in general (see this post here where I’ve written a load more about this - pun sort of intended - but seriously, it’s really helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed)

2 I love myself, now and in the future.

Did anyone else’s family used to say things like ‘You’ll be glad you took it’ when sending you off with your coat as a kid? (or maybe that’s just my family thing?!)

But it was always true, I’d put my coat on and feel grateful I’d picked it up even though I definitely couldn’t be arsed carrying it on the way out.

I do these things because I love myself, I prepare my lunch in advance because I want to make sure I’m nourished, I make sure that the house is tidy before I go to bed because I deserve to wake up to a fresh energy in the morning

But it goes further than clean washing, a tidy house and getting your food prepped

How much could your energy transform in 3 months if you start removing things that don't serve you TODAY?

How would you feel this time next year if you worked on your mindset starting now instead of waiting 6 months?

How would 1 year from now you feel starting the course you need to do to leave your job this month rather than waiting til next month?

How many connections and friends would you have made this time next year by choosing to join that group now instead of waiting 3 months?

Where will you be in 6 months? A year? 2 years?

The time will pass anyway, make future you proud and grateful

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” - Sean Patrick Flanery

Visualise yourself in 1/2/5 years, the best version of you, the one that’s living the life on your vision board and has manifested the things in your goals statements and step into her,

What would she do?

Ask: Is this choice I’m making RIGHT NOW, bringing me closer to that version or further away? Because it’s doing one or the other

(And I’m not saying beat up on yourself when you make the choices that aren’t necessarily in alignment with that future)

Because it’s the majority that matters, it means making the choices that move you closer MOST of the time, recognising when you make an unaligned choice, accepting it and moving forward making a better choice

We always hear, where do you want to be in 5 years?

While you exercise this connection with your future self, and ask:

Is what I’m doing today bringing me closer to where I want to be?

Would the future version of me do this?

And make sure you do something each day that moves you closer

Hold the vision in your mind and embody it right now, and ask:

What can I do for her today?

SO much LOVE

Kerri xxxx

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