We know that you create your own reality, it's the way of the Universe, the thoughts you have affect the actions your take and of course the outcome you can expect to see

The laws of the universe attract the energy of what you are back to you

So what is your default future?

It might be something you've heard about before

But if not,

your default future is what happens, if nothing happens.

If nothing changes, nothing unexpected happens and you just do the same things tomorrow as you do today

To get feel for what your default future looks like, ask yourself,

“If I do nothing different to change the direction or trajectory of my life, where will I end up five years from now?”

In the default future, you are not going to deviate from your current path

So an example from the perspective of having a job:

Your default future assumes that there is no job change and no surprise role that involves using a completely different set of skills

So for whatever it is

There is no behaviour or routine change in this scenario; you're just taking your current life situation and projecting it out into the future

And you need to look at the whole of your life, the good things, the thing you aren't necessarily happy about, and everything in between, it needs to be a full view of how your life would be.

Your whole life situation.

It's related to the quote that says if you do the same thing everyday, you'll get the same results, or if nothing changes, nothing changes

Now, if you do this and feel fulfilled and happy with your life as you see it, you enjoy what you do every day, you feel good about yourself and your life,

and if you have your goals and intentions set and you know where you're headed and the action steps are getting you closer to that each day,

then that's amazing, it means that by keeping doing what you're doing, you're stepping into your dream life, you're living your desires and dream life

It means that even if you're not there yet, you WILL get there, as long as you


embodying that vision and becoming that reality.

Which is what it's all about!

You're making that vision your reality, it's being attracted into your life and called in now.

If you look at what your default future looks like and you don't like what you see

SO if you're not happy, and you don't know where you want to be, or that you don't like what you see as your default future

(OK I've been here more than once!)

and it's not a bad thing - its a really good thing because its an indicator.

This is actually a really exciting thing to find out, that you're not actually excited about what your default future holds because it's a signal that you want to, and you GET TO change some things and this awareness is what makes being able to self coach yourself so powerful.

It puts you in control of your future.

It's really not a bad thing to do this exercise and say,

"I don't like what I see" because you have become aware, you are taking responsibility for that future and say, actually this isn't how I see my future and you get to create intentionally from there.

Being grateful to yourself for being honest with yourself and saying no this isn't what I want and knowing you have the power to change it

Mark Batterson says, “You are always one decision away from a completely different life.”

And the best thing about this is that you can make a decision right now that changes your default future, immediately

You can ask yourself or it's something you do in your journaling,

'What is the smallest step I can take today — or this week — that begins to shift me away from my default future as it currently is?'

And if for example (because its easy to visualise) that you realised that if you continue the way you are with your eating habits and exercise that you're on a path to becoming quite unhealthy physically, you can make a choice TODAY to alter that, one meal, one snack, an extra ten minute walk

It's the same for anything you identify though, you can choose a really small step to take that'll start to shift your default future, all depending on what it is, you see that your default future holds and how that's different from the picture you want to create

Whether that's starting your own business, going for a promotion or a new job, moving, whatever it us that deep down you've a burning desire to do, whatever you see you get to decide if that's what you actually want and you can do something right now to either move you towards it today or towards creating a new future for yourself

Let me know in the comments how you feel about your default future right now

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx