What you NEED to do to manifest your desires

We know that all thoughts have energy but something that people might not know is just how much you're being affected by the thoughts deep in your subconscious

Your subconscious is 95% of you - your conscious is just 5%

So even when you want to choose more empowering thoughts or stop worrying about a particular thing, it can feel really really challenging because you're not actually even in conscious control of 95% of it

So any changes you decide you're going to make to your life stick around while you're motivated and consciously have the willpower to push through it

But the time comes that you end up being overruled by the 95% and that 95% is gonna do what it's always done, it's just gonna run a program and that's why it can feel so hard as only 5% or you is ACTUALLY on board with it - the rest wants to do what you've always done because our brains LOVE what is familiar, and there's a reason for this

We have over 6000 thoughts each day

And most of them, around 80%, are no different to the thoughts from the day before - it's all on autopilot and it's designed to keep you safe and keep you alive

So, when you decide to do something different, your brain doesn't like the unfamiliar pattern,

Its view is that you've been safe up to now, what you've been doing has kept you alive, and it wants to maintain that safety it feels so ​it will sabotage your efforts to whatever it is you're wanting to change, and is why things so often feel hard and that motivation wanes pretty quickly

This happens for all sorts, every change you want to make that is unfamiliar, your subconscious is not happy about it, even if you consciously KNOW that it’s better for you, it wants to keep its familiarity

Your brain also thinks that you have benefitted in some way from these beliefs, even if it doesn't feel like it to you

For example, if you've always believed deep down that you aren't good enough and you have a fear of feeling that you aren't good enough or people ‘finding out that you aren’t good enough’ and as a consequence, you have always played a bit smaller than you might have, and not gone for that promotion or a new job or started that side business because of this underlying belief, then that belief has done a good thing for you because by not even applying/starting/whatever, you can't be rejected and told you're not good enough - its a protection mechanism - so in its eyes, its worked well because back when we lived in caves being cast out from the tribe would have meant certain death - a tiger could get you, you starve or any number of horrible things, so that fear of rejection is a valid survival mechinism

What we need to do is let ourselves know (and logically in our conscious mind we know that rejection won’t kill us but let our subconscious know) that applying for that new job for example is safe and even if we don't get it or it doesn't work out, we're still safe and it doesn't mean anything about us, same with starting a business, joining a class or a group, anything where you might have that fear that you're not good enough

So these deep-rooted beliefs have jobs to do - and it centres around keeping us safe

The problem is, these beliefs (and beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking and they can be changed once you know about them) have energy, so if you've held them for a long time and your brain has evidence that they're true - which it will have because your reticular activating system seeks out things which prove your beliefs right so it will have found some!

It will be perpetuating that belief and attracting more thoughts and beliefs on the same frequency that back it up - because the thoughts are energy and energy is attracted to energy like itself - the thought will be joined by other similar thoughts and before you know it you're on a full-scale downward spiral, and just giving further evidence to your brain that this belief is true and attracting more and more of that energy and manifesting situations in your life that back it up

So when we start talking about changing subconscious patterns we need to be aware of this, and recognise it for what it is

If you keeping hitting a ceiling or a block, or not manifesting the things you desire, and you haven’t looked into your beliefs, your subconscious beliefs, its highly likely that there’s something there - keeping you safe ie, stopping you from changing, stopping you getting what it is you desire

So back to the example of a new job or a promotion you’re after, but it’s not happening and you maybe get sick on the interview, or mess up the interview

Or watch Netflix instead of working on your CV or keeping putting off the application process then missing the deadline whatever, its likely to be your subconscious beliefs keeping you where you are now because you're safe there.

You might not be happy, but you're safe, and if you keep in mind that your brain wants you to be safe and doesn't give a single monkey whether you're happy, you can start to uncover whats going on which is why understanding the role that your subconscious plays is so important

When you understand the programs that are in your subconscious you can change them, and removing the thoughts and beliefs that have the energy and vibration of things you DON’T want, clears their frequency from your vibration and you will then be able to manifest your desires

I’m going to write next week more about the subconscious and manifestation, and finding and changing the beliefs that aren’t moving us towards our desires

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx