I recently shared about creating space and clearing out in order to invite in your desires (check it out here) which is a really important part of bringing in any desire - you need to create a vacuum for the Universe to fill. I briefly mentioned time as something which we need to be mindful of how we use and it’s never more important than while you’re on your journey to bringing in your baby.

Babies take a lot of time and energy, they force you to slow down and go at their pace so a jam packed schedule isn’t going to help you conceive.

There are a few things that having an overfull schedule does which are telling your body not to get pregnant because if your body already feels overstretched and at its capacity it won't want to add a baby to the mix.

From an evolutionary point of view this makes a lot of sense because if you’re pushed for time all the time doing things that in your body’s view are ‘keeping you alive’ ie working, connecting with the tribe, getting food, exercising etc etc jumping from one task to the next you’re likely running a lot of the time in stress/fight or flight and your body doesn’t want to add to your load, potentially ‘putting you in danger’ and it sees that now isn’t going to be the safest time for the baby either.

The baby needs you to be able to put them first, you need to be able to slow down and nurture the baby - logically of course you KNOW that as soon as you’re pregnant you’ll be taking it easier and when the baby comes you’ll be slowing down even more, taking time off work and spending most of your time at home nurturing and caring for your baby.

Your body however does NOT know this. Remember that your body's job is to protect you and keep you alive, not necessarily happy.

Your body also knows your own needs must be met so there has to be time and energy for that too - if you're tired all the time and feel like you have no time for yourself now, do you think your body is going to think getting pregnant will help?

As well as this, the Universe can only respond to your frequency so if that frequency is that of rushing and stress instead of nurture and love that’s all that can be reflected back to you

So how can you tell your body and the Universe that you do have the time and energy for your baby?

Think of creating that vacuum, show the Universe you have time and energy to nurture and love yourself and you will attract more to nurture and love.

Take on less responsibility, and start putting your needs and wants higher up your priorities list

If your schedule is packed, start thinning it out, start saying ‘NO’ to things.

And when you are saying YES, make sure that they are things that light you up, things that raise your vibration, things that align your energy with nurture and love

Create a vacuum for the Universe to fill, send out the right message, I am ready, I have time time

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxxxxxxxxxx