Hi Im Kerri


I'm a Specialist Brow Artist based in Garstang, Lancashire and I love helping women look and feel their best by giving them gorgeous brows

Brows make a huge difference to your whole look and I know you could use the extra time you're not spending on your brows every single morning somewhere much more important (like sleeping! In your bed! Yes babe!)

My clients often tell me how much their confidence increases after they've had their brows done, some of them go without any make up at all on in public for the first time in years

It's that that I love because it can change so much more than your brows

I work from my private studio in Garstang where I spend most of my time tattooing brows.  I  also do other cosmetic tattooing as well as brow makeovers and lash treatments

I LOVE what I do, I feel so grateful each day that I get to give my clients gorgeous brows, I've always been very artistic and creative and to be able to create art every day makes me so happy!

When I'm not working (and not researching, drawing, practising or 'brow'sing on Insta!)  I love taking my dog Barry out for walks with my husband Ryan, especially to the beach when it's sunny, and spending time with our families

I love chatting with people so if there's anything I can help you with I'd love to hear from you and we can get you on your way to those gorgeous brows you want and most definitely deserve!

Speak to you soon gorgeous,

I can't wait to chat about

getting you your brows girl!

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So much love, Kerri xxxx


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