Following on from my last couple of posts about clearing out, today I’m focusing on clearing out energetically, and why and how to do it

The energy you feed your body is just as important as the food and water you feed your body.

Think of it in the same way as if you fed your body fast food and crap all day every day and only drank sugary drinks and no water, over time it would slow down become sluggish and you’d feel terrible

It would do the best it could with what you gave it but you have to give it good fuel to get good results, it just can't perform without the right building blocks

It’s the same with the energy you feed it, law of attraction brings more of what you focus on so if you're allowing in heavy energy, negativity, drama, gossip, arguments, you can fully expect to perpetuate more and more of it and it doesn't leave much for you to work with in terms of keeping your vibration high and yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy

Feeding your body love and kindness, joy, laughter and fun means your cells vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore attract things which vibrate at a higher frequency, gaining momentum and attracting more and more of that energy. Things of a lower frequency then naturally fall away because they just aren’t able to stay near you when you’re in that high frequency

Become so aware of what you’re allowing into your mental and spiritual space

Don’t watch horror/crime/violent films or TV shows, or read those types of books.

Think about whether that vibe is going to do your body any good, now more than ever when you’re aligning your energy to bringing in your baby your body needs to feel as peaceful, safe and loved as possible. And it definitely doesn’t need all that extra cortisol

(Cortisol and progesterone are made of similar ‘ingredients’ in the body so if your body gets stressed and needs to release cortisol to activate your fight/flight response, the quickest way for it to manufacture large amounts is to take the progesterone and convert it to cortisol, this also decreases fertility which it does purposely as if you’re in fight/flight, a baby’s going to slow you down in a life or death situation)

and even if you’re not wanting to have a baby right now, lowered progesterone levels can play havoc with your menstrual cycle meaning irregular periods and hormonal disruption

I haven't watched, read or listened to the news for years, I promise you, if it's that important, you find out about it but you don't have to flood your system with that lower vibration energy.

I saw something recently that said, the weight of the world was never meant to be yours to carry - and I think that's so true. As much as an awareness of what’s going on and empathy with others is so important, so is your vibration because it's your point of attraction so you don’t need to watch/read about it constantly

Start by:

  • Unfollowing/deleting/curating your social media feeds to what you WANT to see, the vibe you desire to have

  • Unsubscribing from news emails, other emails that don’t light you up

  • Follow inspirational people

  • Follow those who post positively and light, funny people and those who inspire you to be the best you

  • Uninstall news apps

  • Uninstall social media until you’ve cleared it out if you need to

  • Follow the travel sites if you love to travel, healthy food that inspires you, cute animals if that’s your jam, anything that fills you with love/ joy/inspiration just immerse yourself in loveliness and unfollow and unsubscribe from the crap that's clogging up your life

  • Read books about things you want to learn or that make you happy

  • Watch funny films

  • Feed your soul with love, distance from those who you find unease with

As you remove things that bring you down you’ll notice your vibration start to rise and as you get used to your freer, clearer, more aligned energy you’ll find the old stuff less and less tolerable, things that bring you down just fall away and you bring in more and more of the good stuff

Let me know below if you’re going to try it out

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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