This is why focusing on what you want WON'T make your desires manifest

I know what you're thinking, 'everyone's telling me to focus on what I want, visualise it and it'll come to me I'll be able to attract it into my life'

And totally I get why people say it, and it IS a part of the picture

But sometimes, the way a lot of people talk about it,

its as if that's ALL you need to do

Because if visualising and focusing were the only important factor, you'd have created everything you'd ever visualised and focused on by now so there's something else going on!

So let's look at why this is the case, and what to do instead!

First, though I want to mention one of my favourite things!!!

Travelling, going away on holiday, exploring somewhere new, and for me, somewhere lovely and warm with a soft sandy beach, it sounds amazing.

(And even more so as I sit my office in England, with Barry the Lhasa Apso sat on my knee as a little hot water bottle - check out my Insta @kerriwilliamsuk for pics of his gorgeousness!!)

So let's Imagine you've got a friend and she decides that she’s going to manifest a holiday to Hawaii

And its going to be INCREDIBLE! Its gonna be sunny and warm!

Im talking beachfront villa, private pool, exotic food, the music, grass skirts, dancing, cocktails on the beach, beach parties, the lot!

Its going to be awesome!

And she puts it on her vision board, meditates on it, visualises herself there, scripts around it, buys herself a new bikini, journals around it, creates a plan to save for it



She's never actually been on a plane before, feels physically sick at the thought of it - actually thinks she physically CAN'T get on a plane

This in itself won’t guarantee that she won’t soon be sunning herself on a Hawaiian beach - I mean, she could get a boat there, or train as far as she can then drive, then a boat, there are lots of ways to get there, and the Universe can work it’s magic in all sorts of ways

But it does create something for her to overcome - it makes things logistically harder for her to get there, the easiest routes aren’t available to her right now

She's got things in the way of her dream, and she's going to butt up again this fear of flying every time she thinks about her dream trip, whether that's consciously or subconsciously

So what if she decided to work on her fear of flying first?

She found the root cause of this fear and removed it, changed her beliefs around flying, and gave herself a new story?

Maybe using hypnosis, EFT, or other techniques, so flying there now WAS an option for her?

How much easier would getting to Hawaii be now? There are hundreds of flights she could get on every single day, the biggest block to the Hawaiian dream has gone!

It’s the same if you wanted to manifest/create for example a promotion at work.

But truly, when you look deep inside, you fear that with the promotion and more pay that there’s be an unwritten expectation for you to work more overtime and get to spend less time with the people you love.

Or that the promotion would mean that you had to take your holidays at a certain time of year and you’d feel less free, even though the higher salary should = more freedom?

If there are unaddressed subconscious thoughts like this, your brain will stop you from doing the things that you know you need to do, to get that promotion.

It’ll make you ignore the intuitive hits you get to stop by your manager’s office where you’d pick up vital information to make your application stand out,

It’ll make you late for work so you look unsuitable for a higher responsibility post, or you might start making silly mistakes in things you find easy to do because your brain is literally sabotaging your efforts

This is just an example, but it stands true for every single thing you desire, you can be consciously doing all the manifesting techniques you can think of but if your subconscious isn’t on board with whatever it is you want to bring into your life, your brain will stop it happening

I’m absolutely not knocking manifesting techniques - I love that shiz and it totally works - if your subconscious mind’s along for the ride and you’ve booted out those old beliefs and the resistance and energy that they hold on to!

This is why learning how to change our subconscious beliefs is something that I talk about a lot, and why I'm so passionate that every single person should be able to learn the tools and techniques I teach around self coaching

We all have a brain and a nervous system, yet most of us don't understand how they work in relation to us living our lives, loving our lives, and living our very best, most fully charged life!!

We don't know why we react in certain ways to certain situations or what's lurking under the surface and how it's affecting our actions or inactions

We all deserve to live an incredible life that we LOVE and knowing this stuff will help you create it in a way that makes sense and works

One of the first things we need to look at when self coaching is


And cultivating and evoking awareness from within yourself and its time to get really honest with yourself

There are lots of tools and things to help, and I teach all sorts of stuff inside my programs but a really simple straightforward way to start is to try out journalling on these questions

And remember, to come from a place of love for yourself and non-judgement and I say this because, you might find that things come up for you that you don't really like, but that's good because, once they are in your conscious awareness, we can start to do something about them

Take a few minutes in meditation or quietly deep breathing and focus on connecting with your highest self and journal on

What kinds of dreams and goals do you have?

Why are these dreams or goals important?

What is keeping you from these dreams or goals?

Get really honest with yourself, do this at a space and time that you can be on your own and actually sit and take time

Also - make sure that they're YOUR dreams and goals, it's easy to just rattle off anything or what other people want but really go into what it is that YOU want

So tell me, do you really want to keep just visualising, and focusing on your goals, and wondering why they aren't manifesting?

If you don't and you’re ready to learn how to get the beliefs that are causing the resistance out of your subconscious mind, download your free Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Self Coaching and start changing that now!

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx