Do you ever feel like your brain is going into overload?

And it’s just SO FULL you don't actually know what to do with any new information coming in?

It feels like your brain is suffocating.

About ten years ago I used to feel like this - A LOT.

I used to say to my friend, I need to take my brain out of my head and just put it in a jar and walk away :(

It was exhausting, and honestly looking back, I don’t know how I managed without the tools I use now, I really really don’t. I’m actually impressed that I kept my sanity with all that cr*p in my head.

Fast forward and I’m now so conscious of my mental space

I actively work to keep my mental load to a minimum, not because I’m not doing anything or I just sit in a cupboard all day (I can assure you I have as much to do as everyone else) I just make sure that I keep my mental space clear, organised and tidy and the difference it makes is unreal so I want to share with you some of the things I do that allow me to keep this mental clarity

Clearing mental space is really important if you’ve any sort of desires or goals you want to manifest, without that space and stillness you can’t receive the guidance for your positive inspired actions from your intuition, higher self or the divine, angels etc, whatever it is that you believe, when your conscious mind is full and in overdrive, your ideas are suffocated and you just can’t get into the flow

These are some of the tools that you can use that will help you tidy and clear your mental space

I’m assuming right now that you’re starting from a place of absolute overload, completely past capacity - basically - HELP !

Brain dump

The first thing you wanna do, whatever’s in your head, get it all down on paper.

Write it all down, everything, just write everything that you need to do, everything that’s bothering you, write lists, write more lists, just get it out of your head on to the paper.

It doesn’t need to be in any logical order, or make sense, it’s just coming out of you onto the page

This step is really important because it means that as we move on to the next part, your brain can actually relax knowing that you’re not going to forget anything, it’s all safely written down.

The next few things are things you’re going to want to implement over time, the more you do them and become aware, the better you’ll feel, although even from the very start you’ll start to notice huge changes almost immediately.

Meditate/quiet your mind

Create time to slow down.

When you’re super busy and overwhelmed, more things to do and slow things at that, seem like the last thing you want to do but MAKE THE TIME.

Make the time not find the time because, you just won’t find time, you have to make it

Swap some time on social media, skip a TV show, get up a few minutes earlier - however feels best for you and make sure that you commit to it and actually do it

Use the time you’ve created to meditate and quieten your mind.

Use a guided meditation if you find that your mind just jumps to your to do list or try breathwork instead but take a few minutes, ten or 15 to start with and just let your mind relax.

Mindful and present

Becoming more mindful throughout the day too will help you slow down your racing thoughts and be present

Meditation isn’t just a once a day activity, find times in your day that you can just be still and quiet the chatter in your mind like when waiting for a kettle to boil, washing your hands, anytime that you’d just pull your phone out to check social media are all good examples of time that you can just be fully present with where you are and sit (or stand) quietly to just be, focus on what you are doing in that moment and if it’s nothing, just let it be nothing.

Remember that you don’t need to fill every second of your day, create space wherever you can.

Intentions and manifest list

Writing your daily list of intentions and manifestations helps you focus and allows you to achieve the things you want to achieve each day

I like to write my intentions for the following day just before I sleep and in the morning I write what I’m manifesting that day (this blog post was on today’s list for example) I pick out my top 3 priorities and commit to them.

Why a ‘manifesting list’ rather than a ‘to do list’? To do lists are never ending because they attract energy like themselves, ie, TO DO = more shit to do!

So by picking your top 3 priorities and committing to them and asking for help from the Universe to manifest them, you’ll be amazing at how easily and in flow they get done

Plan for success

Keep a comprehensive diary of things you GET to do

Plan at the beginning of the week what activities will happen on what days and write it down

Plan your meals where you can and prep what you can - do not put pressure on yourself here, even if you just work one or two days in advance

(side note - I’m a recovering perfectionist so for a long time, if it wasn’t a full week of perfect healthy little meals planned and prepped in neat little boxes, I didn’t want to know!

Which was silly because I was making life harder for myself just because I couldn’t do it “perfectly” so I didn't do it at all, anyway - what I’m saying is - work with what you’ve got and what you can manage)

So even if you can prep/plan tomorrow's meals so they’re ready for you it’s a massive chunk off your mental load.

Pick out outfits the night before if this works for you and pack bags/prep paperwork for example the night before too. This forward planning can also help you get a more restorative sleep as you’re not thinking about it and letting it disrupt your sleep

Anything you can do to make the next day a bit easier - I love thinking of it as doing something nice for your future self and I find that the more nice things I do for her (future me) the more I want to do (all that energy attraction)

Mental load

And about your mental load - even things like, knowing that the dishwasher needs emptying and there’s some things to go to the post office add to your mental load.

Lighten this in whatever way you can.

Delegate out tasks if you can

And if something takes less than a few minutes to do, do it straight away so its off your plate and out of your head

Use a planner

Find a planner that works for you, one that you can just sit with and fill in the blanks if that’s what you need, it’ll bring all the things we brain dumped earlier into and order and you can start to see things clearly and know exactly whats going on. From this point of clarity things always seem lighter as they aren’t swirling around your mind and you can’t forget them

Journal your thoughts

Get a blank journal and spend just a few minutes each day journaling your thoughts, you can inquire with questions or journaling prompts or write down the things that you’re thinking. I have almost conversations with myself on the paper where i ask questions and just let the answers flow and find it such and easy and fulfilling way of getting my thoughts in order

Don't keep things in your head

“I know that I’ll remember that, I don't need to write it down.”

I don’t know who needs to hear this but WRITE IT DOWN!!

Hang on, that’s me!

Why set yourself up for failure?

Set yourself up to SUCCEED, write things down, write all the things in the same place so you’ll always find them!

Generally just keep what’s in your head and your mental load to a minimum.

If you can, plan and prepare in advance and make sure you’re taking advantage of the tools you have to lower your mental load

Sometimes there are days which unavoidably push your mental load into a place where you’re less comfortable and on these sort of days I like to remind myself of something one of my coaches shares with me often:

“Overwhelm is the abundance of all that you’ve asked for”

And I find that it really pulls me through and just gives me that extra bit of power while I ride the wave of whatever’s stretching me.

I also make sure that I really feel into the gratitude for the things that test me as this is how we grow and I know that all that I’ve asked for coming.

So I’m pretty sure that doing these things have stopped me giving myself a DIY lobotomy or running away in to the mountains to live a cave, and I hope that they will help you too

Let me know in the comments what else you need help with

Thank you so much for being here and if we’re not connected on IG, I’m @kerriwilliamsuk and for fertility specific it’s @fertilityfire

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxxxxxx

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