The ONE THING you need to change to TRANSFORM your life.

Transformation isn't usually a huge one-time life overhauling experience, it starts with your energy and it’s something that's happening constantly, if you choose it.

Why does transformation start with your energy and why is it the basis for creating any sort of change in your life in your mindset and in manifesting your desires, whatever they may be?

I want you to think about something with me for a minute

Take New Years resolutions

(And if you've ever done this own up in the comments!!)

Because I bet we've all done it - I know I have!

Where from 1st January - THIS YEAR, is MY YEAR - The NEW ME

I'm gonna get up EVERY morning and workout,

I'm going to stop drinking - it is dry January after all

I'm going to walk the dog 5 miles before work every day as well as after

I'm ONLY going to eat really healthy meals, no sugar, at all, meal prep and plan,

And drink loads of water and go to bed at 9.30pm, after doing my full skincare regime, obviously, definitely some evening yoga, seeing as I won't be watching TV ever again .....

and the list goes on

And you create this whole - NEW YEAR, NEW ME!

That's starting on the 1st Jan - today, you'll just do the usual though, but from January 1st - it's NEW YOU!

And it's funny, well not really funny but it's too true. because we KNOW we aren't going to stick to it for more than a week maybe 2 at most - and it's because your nervous system and your brain, along with your energy, are all working against you, you just don't know it at the time

The thing is, your intention is there, your desire for this is there.

So when we visualise this incredible version of ourselves who doesn't sabotage our own success at what it is we want, and does treat ourselves with love and respect and does go after our goals and put the things we desire as a priority, that version of ourselves does exist.

It's often just the way we go about aligning ourselves, or not as the case may be, it that trips us up and stops us becoming this version we desire to be

We visualise this best version of ourselves, and there's absolutely no reason why we cant become this best version of ourselves.

It's just about going about it in the right way,

knowing the tools to get us there,

being prepared to put the work in,

to doing the things that need to be done to get us there

and understanding what it is we will GET from being that best version of ourselves, ​our why.

Finding out what it is that we TRULY desire, making sure that it's our OWN, REAL desire and not something that we think we 'should' desire, and creating that tangible ‘why’ for ourselves

We also need to understand that transformation is happening NOW, in every action and in every choice

Because energy is always in motion it means that everything is constantly changing, it’s just that for so much of the time the energy we put out, the decisions we make, and the actions we take are just the same as what we’ve always done,

(and there are really good reasons for that, it’s literally wired into our brains which is something I'm going to write about soon)

So while everything's constantly changing, it’s just changing to the same as it was before, so it appears that everything is staying the same

Because everything IS energy, that our thoughts are just energy and that before anything is a thing, it’s a thought first

Then purely working on trying to think more positively,

or just to think better thoughts

or to use your willpower to make changes,

without addressing the underlying energy within, is just so much more challenging, and ultimately the way your brain and nervous system work, goes against what you desire

So because energy is attracted to energy like itself, creating shifts at this level, and small but consistent shifts, make it possible to make those big transformations and create and attract that dream life that you desire


Let’s also think about our energetic environment,

if you're in a place where making the choices that align you to your desires is the most obvious choice, you're going to make those choices, the ones that ARE in alignment with where you want to be.

but if you're letting things into your energetic environment which aren’t helping you get to where you desire to be, it’s going to take more from you to actually make that choice and the energy isn't in alignment with where you're going

We've all heard I'm sure, that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, and it goes for the rest of your life too, especially in the age we live in and even more so after the 18 months we've just been through,

who we’re following or connecting with on social media,

what tv shows we watch,

what music we listen to,

everything carries and has its own energy and so by deciding on exactly what kind of an energetic environment we want to create for ourselves and creating it, we can really impact the decisions, and therefore actions, that we take

So there's getting to the energy underneath the thoughts, the energy and emotions that have become trapped in your energetic, spiritual and physical body through experiences and beliefs throughout our whole lives that side of it sort of like the energy of you and your energetic environment and the things that you can do to address both of these sides of the energy 'coin' kinda thing

So there's lots of ways of working through this type of thing and in coming weeks I'm going to be going more into different areas and showing and teaching you different ways of addressing these different areas but I just wanted to let you know why I'm so passionate about beginning with energy and that as a focus point

If you haven't already downloaded my free workbook UNFUNK YOUR ENERGY - A 5 DAY GUIDE TO RESET YOUR MANIFESTING MAGIC you can get it by clicking here

I want to just leave you with one last thing for today, and that is something that I love what Jillian Michaels says:

Transformation is a present activity, not a future event

​and when we step into this frame of mind, we start to see every action and every choice as an opportunity and a step to move towards where we desire to be, and if we don't make the choice that's in total alignment with our desires this time, that's ok too, its a learning experience and we get the opportunity to choose again and again!

Let me know in the comments what it is you want to transform about your life!

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxx