When you create space, you create a vacuum for the things you desire

Imagine you’ve just been to pick up the car of your dreams and you drive it home and get to your parking spot on your driveway and there’s an old car that doesn't work blocking the way

You can’t park a brand new car on your driveway if there's an old broken down car taking all the space, and it's the same for old thought patterns, old emotions, old beliefs all of which do the same amount of good as a broken down car if they don’t work, they can’t take you anywhere and they just block the road for the new things you desire

When thinking about space there are different types of space to consider, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, your time and your energy

And they are all linked, if your home is clutter free and beautifully organised, your mind will be clearer and your spirit has the space to be.

When you set aside adequate time for the things you want to do, they get done easily in a state of flow and you feel fulfilled and relaxed instead of rushed and haphazard.

When you create mental space it’s easier to release physical possessions and so on, they’re all linked and we want to create the space to allow in your desires

Obviously this isn't an overnight process, it takes commitment and dedication but once you start this process of clearing and cleansing you’ll feel the rewards almost immediately and gain momentum to carry on


It’s easiest to start with the physical stuff, your efforts are tangible and you can see the progress you’re making

Do something each day to clear space in your life and start with the things that are most used and closest to you

Clear out handbag/purse, you're carrying literally all that around with you

Clear your emails, and unsubscribe from the ones you don't want

Clear any unused apps from your phone

Clear any old contacts

Clear out your social media friends lists and pages you follow

Clear your computer

Clear your desk

Clear out your wardrobe

Go room by room in your home and clear out everything that you’re holding onto that doesn't make you feel good, I love the saying, ‘Have nothing in your home that you don't believe to be beautiful or know to be useful and actually use’

Clear the loft if you’ve got one, all that stuff and its energy is sitting above your head

Clear out under your bed if you’ve been storing things there, under your bed should be kept completely clear

Clear out storage boxes, keep only the things you really love

Clear out your car

Clear out old paperwork

Clear out anything old/unwanted

All physical things have energy attached to them and really notice this as you let things move on and release the items that no longer serve you. Notice how you feel so much lighter and your vibration raises

And especially if you’re releasing things that make you feel bad/guilty/unwanted gift/reminds you of a time best left behind, let it go

(It’s important to know that you also need to do the work on releasing/forgiving the issue/belief too which something I’ll write about soon but getting rid of the physical reminder and its energy is important too)

Know that you can get rid of things people give you or inherited items, you don’t have to keep something just because it was a gift/given

I know a lot of people have a hard time with this so I want to share with you my ritual for releasing these type of things

  • Hold the item in both hands and gently rest your awareness on it

  • Thank the person who gifted it to you or from whom you inherited it in your heart and mind, and out loud if you’d like to

  • Appreciate the feelings and the gift, feel gratitude for the pleasure it gave both you and the other person/people, know that the gift has served its purpose, the physical item is no longer needed

  • Acknowledge its time for it to go to a new home/be recycled or its reached the end of its useful life in that form and let it go with love

It’s also a good thing to point out that going forward, be mindful of where you accept gifts or purchase second hand things from

As I mentioned just before all things carry energy so make sure you clean and clear things before you use them and don't accept them if it doesn't feel right.

If there’s something in your home that you feel a strange vibe from don’t hesitate at releasing it from your life, trust your intuition and gut on this - you’ll be right!

Let me know how your physical clearout goes and how it affects your energy in the comments below

So much LOVE

Kerri xxxxxxxxxxx